Hortus (eng)

Christoph De Boeck & Patrícia Portela

Hortus / installation
Hortus proposes an artificial ecology. The visitor is invited to explore a garden where a sensor network measures the dynamics of wind and light harvested by plants during their photosynthetic process, and translating it into bird sounds.
When there is human movement in the garden a financial algorithm (similar to the ones used in a speculation economic market) interprets the variation of the received data and transforms and remaps the natural garden soundscape to which plants seem most profitable in that split second.
But when the visitors decide to stop, to read or to reflect, the original sound design for the garden returns, reflecting only the readings of natural energy.
Simultaneously, a network of micro stories circulates in a loop on electronic paper botanic displays, comparing definitions of common terms in the economic, political, or natural worlds such as growth, beauty, regeneration or time.

2084 – Salon
In 2084, one or more guests are invited per session from different areas (such as science, politics, economy or philosophy) to debate and discuss two different visions of a near future (2020 and 2084) with the audience. In an informal atmosphere everyone is invited to “exercise and practice Utopia”, rather than be presented with a model, and to add suggestions or extra themes to the debate by imagining the impossible. 

Concept, sound, electronics Christoph De Boeck
Concept, text, image Patrícia Portela
Production Prado and deepblue 

Co-producers: Kaaitheater (Brussels) | Festival Van Vlaanderen (Kortrijk) | Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisbon) | Festival Lift / ICA (London) | Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke) | Festival Escrita na Paisagem (Évora) | Câmara Municipal de Lisboa - Direcção Municipal de Cultura  | ZDB (Lisbon).
Prado financed by Secretário de Estado da Cultura/Dgartes in Portugal and Portuguese Ambassy in Belgium, and is an associated structure of ZDB. 
deepblue is financed by the Flemish Authorities and VGC Brussels
Concept, sound, electronics Christoph De Boeck
Concept, text, image Patricia Portela
Electronics: Culture Crew
Algorithm: Luis M. Russo
Design and cosntruction e-paper: Brian Rommens e João Gonçalves
Produção Prado e deepblue : Ilse Joliet, Helena Serra e Pedro Pires

Co-producers and partners
: Kaaitheater (Bruxelas) | Festival Van Vlaanderen (Kortrijk) | Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke) | Egeac / Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisbon) | House on Fire / ICA (London) | Festival Escrita na Paisagem (Évora) | CML – Gabinete do Vereador Ricardo Sá Fernandes/Departamento de Manutenção de Espaços Verdes | Direcção Municipal de Ambiente e Higiene Urbana (Lisbon)  | ZDB (Lisbon).

Prado is a structure financed by the Portuguese Government/Dgartes and the Portuguese Embassy in Belgium
Deepblue is a structure financed by the Flemish authorities
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