ZÉdosTALKS (eng)


TEDTalks (www.tedtalks.com ) are meetings / presentations by and of the most interesting personalities in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design.
FredTalks (www.fredtalks.org ) are informal gatherings that take place in New York where some of the most interesting and inspiring friends of Fred present and debate in each other's homes, ideas that are worth being shared.
Fred also has some friends in Lisbon, including Zé that in a latin version of the concept, invites friends and friends of friends to talk about topics they know, and share fresh perspectives and new ideas that will make a difference, thus inaugurating the ZÉdosTALKS with free admission.
The first Zédostalks edition was on 22nd Dec. 2011 and our guests were:

Luís Rego - Diário Económico correspondent in Brussels - vídeo
Ricardo Paes Mamede - Professor of Economy at ISCTE – 30 years of crisis and casino - vídeo
Paula Gil - March 12 citizent movement - vídeo