O Caso do Cadáver Esquisito (eng)

PRADO’s first book
The Cadavre Exquis case is a book written in 24 hands (11 writers and a designer) who reports the case of a portuguese detective who finds a series of quirky crimes - and in the mysterious inscriptions on the bodies of the victims - the reason for its nature: of poet ... and killer.
A whodunit built on the pillars of the surrealist formula cadavre exquis, gathering under or within the same cover the contribution of some of the most promising and most curious / odd today’s authors.
Again, with the collaboration of ZDB, PRADO celebrate the release of O Caso do Cadáver Esquisito, on the 14th May 2011.

Authors: Afonso Cruz, Jacinto Lucas Pires, Joana Bértholo, Luís Caminha, Maria João Lima (graffic), Miguel Castro Caldas, Ondjaki, Patrícia Portela, Paulo Condessa, Pedro Medina Ribeiro, Rita Taborda Duarte, Sandro William Junqueira

Edition and production Prado: Isabel Garcez, Helena Serra, Patrícia Portela and Pedro Pires.

Press Quotes
“Perhaps by design, there are no still moments in the book [...] and most of the authors are ingenious."
Ana Dias Ferreira, TimeOut Lisboa, May 2011
“[A] surely, different and alternative project.”
Pedro Lança, Livros e Leituras, May 2010
"Let’s wait a decade to know whether the authors privileged by the existing canon will not be minimized by the emerging new canon, emblematically stated by O Caso do Cadáver Esquisito"
Miguel Real, Jornal de Letras, July 2011
“A novel conceived by a collective of twelve young authors releases a breath of fresh air. O Caso do Cadáver Esquisito is a crime novel who pays homage to literature”.
João Morales, Os Meus Livros, September 2001