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In his installations, the sound artist Christoph De Boeck approaches sound as a tangible, sometimes even visible medium. Within the deepblue framework he has made Closer and You are here. His interactive installations include Staalhemel/Steel Sky (nominated for the “New Media Prize” promoted by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation) and other steel works.

Patrícia Portela is a writer and theatre-maker, among other prizes, The Banquet (top10 of the best performances of 2007 by Belgium critics) Flatland Trilogy (Acarte/Gulbenkian Foundation Award and Portuguese Critics Association Award) or Wasteband. She is the author of several books (novels and short stories) and was considered one of the biggest revelations of the decade 2000-2010 by Jornal de Letras.

Together with Christoph De Boeck, she has recently premiered The Private Collection of Acácio Nobre, which was performed at Performatik 2011 in Kaaitheater and premiered in Maria Matos Teatro Municipal in 2010.